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With dozens of generic domains in a variety of categories,     is your source for affordable, quality, generic domains.

What is a  generic domain?  A generic domain  consists of words or common abbreviations  which one finds in the  dictionary and which  describe in  logical order a  product, service, or other area  of interest to  internet surfers (i.e. VideoGames.___).  A generic domain is easier to remember than an unfamiliar brand and gives a  website a degree of credibility  as a potential client knows immediately what the site is promoting.  An internet-based business is known by its customers as its domain name.

As well, a generic domain is easier to position for  SEO (search engine optimization) as exact match phrases are favored by the search engines.  Consequently a website whose domain name includes certain keywords is  more likely to obtain traffic than other non-generic or lower-quality domain names.  For this reason, generic domains are sometimes referred to as premium domains.  A website which cannot be found will likely have less traffic and may struggle to sell its products and services.   Thus a generic domain serves as an effective marketing tool for your business.

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